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Clients and Industries

See how these companies use AboutTime:


Baker Triangle uses AboutTime to track 1500+ mobile drywall employees





Buckner Steel Erection connects field and office operations with technology



Total Telco Specialists uses AboutTime to manage remote field operations



Niemeyer Brothers Plumbing has relied on AboutTime for years



Nielco Roofing relies on AboutTime to control costs in the field and on the job



What our clients say:

“Most of my crew are Spanish speaking and understand very little English.  The field application in AboutTime is so simple that they do not have any trouble at all using it effectively in the field.  I give each of the employees Manager level functions on the devices and they do just fine!” - Jon Ballard, President | Jon Ballard Construction - Sonoma, CA


"When we accidentally sent a second check up there to AboutTime to pay for licenses we already had, we were more than impressed, we were floored by the fact your organization called us up and told us about our mistake about over paying you. Easily you could have cashed the check and moved on and no one would have been the wiser.  It is very refreshing to know that we are doing business with such an honest company.  Nowadays all too often if something like that were to happen it would have just been free money we gave away.  I think because of that it really has set a precedent and the tone of the business relationship we have with your organization. So for your honesty, and integrity that we thank you for doing the right thing not the popular thing. In my book you guys are the epitome of integrity doing what’s right even when no one is looking. Thank you." - Chauncey Taylor | BIS Tepsco

It’s amazing how many companies call asking about our AboutTime system. I think it’s amazing that every contractor isn’t on some kind of program like this. It’s as close as you’re going to get to perfect accuracy. It’s a simple, easy way to get time card information back into the office to process payroll efficiently. Technology is never going to be perfect, but AboutTime has been a great solution for us, and nothing makes me happier than to see a product that works— it’s whatAmerica is all about.” - Rick Niemeyer | Niemeyer Brothers Plumbing


"AboutTime has also been a benefit in the office by eliminating mistakes, easy to read reports, quick turn around time in receiving our paychecks and job reports, and no more running from job site to job site to obtain time sheets." - Marci Almes | Advanced Masonry


“Today was our first day to fully implement the AboutTime BlackBerrys… we are very happy… already this morning we have found buddy punching within our crews by using GPS… one of our foremen was cruising down the freeway 30 miles away from the job, clocking in all the people in his crew. For years we have been attempting to stop this from happening. We now have the ability to print out the maps with GPS stamps to prove that we caught them red handed… and this all happened within the first four (4) hours of implementation.” - Colby Packer | Pacific Shores


"After experiencing AboutTime's ease of use and the use of over the counter hardware there is one other point that has made working with About Time a great experience, their tech support." - Lawerence French | Lifestyles Catering 


"AboutTime's tech support has always been extremely helpful!" - Martin | Adrian Enterprises


"AboutTime helps us cost code projects so we know where money is being spent, and can find out why some money is not being used."  - Roberts Zizzo | Adena Corp. 


"After using AboutTime I would NEVER go back to weekly time sheets." - Kelly Brook |Mountain West HVAC


"We needed to use a system that can be configured universally to handle all of our different departments, without being cumbersome. We are saving a whole day every single week just on processing our payroll now that we are on the AboutTime System! - Scott Johnson | Network Administrator | Modern Poured Walls


"I put two of the AboutTime time clocks in my company vehicles in mid July. Since then, I estimate that I have reduced payroll by 8-12 hours per week that I had been paying due to reporting inaccuracies." - Jennifer | Dulas


"I am not only thrilled with the system but I am equally happy with your customer service. The entire AboutTime staff has been extremely helpful with tech support, sales, and any other concerns that I have had!" - Bearin Santos | Big Bear  Construction


"Before AboutTime we would spend three days reviewing billing and payroll from collected written daily jobsite reports and time sheets. Now we spend one day doing both!" - Erin Leftwich |Accurate Construction & Excavation


“Having the AboutTime electronic time records in the office at my fingertips has been very beneficial to us.  Most of our employees are working on multiple jobs each week, so having the ability to pull up time records either by the employee or the job whenever needed has been extremely beneficial!” - Brian O’Toole | CertaPro Painters | Indianapolis


"Since we got AboutTime, employees are spending zero time at the end of the week trying to recall what they did and rounding their time, and estimating time worked. Saved Time! Saved Money!"BrentMore Construction


"AboutTime keeps up with the latest technology and grows along with it." - Chris | Chris Albritton Construction Co.


“This is an excellent software program that provides exactly what we require in payroll processing information and flexibility.  We had attempted to implement an ADP clock system and found it to be beyond the capabilities of our labor force.  We have the requirement of importing the time and cost code data into the Timberline Payroll module and were able to complete this entire process within 15 minutes per division.   Manual entry of these departments prior to using the AboutTimeSystem took us approximately 15 hours per week.  We have been saving 14 hours per week within our administrative processing center as well.  This has been a complete savings of 74 hours per week.” – Craig Strawbridge | Pasedena Tank Corp


"The accuracy and detailed information with AboutTime is very beneficial, not to mention the ability to export accurate payroll data saves hours of payroll entry." - Terri Shelton | Hawks Hollow Builders


"This year with all my crews on AboutTime I estimate that my savings will be in excess of $103,000. I can only imagine what I could have saved if I knew about this product sooner." - David Walz | Maverick Construction