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Mobile Platforms and Input Devices

Mobile Platforms 2The AboutTime system is software-driven so you won't be locked into a proprietary piece of hardware. This offers numerous strategic advantages for our clients. This helps ensure you are investing in a system that won't be outdated in a year or two, it also means that AboutTime mobile applications run on the best mobile devices available. In addition to Android and Apple mobile devices, AboutTime offers a powerful Windows O.S. application (the AboutTime TouchCenter) with biometrics authentication options and a web-clock or browser-based input applicaiton.

Supported Platforms:

men app2arrow-rightAPPLE iOS: iPhones, iPads and iPods can all be used with AboutTime. Since the system can run disconnected, employees can even utilize a device without a data plan (ipad, ipod touch, etc) as long as you can sync via WiFi. Any of the APPLE phones or tablets are a great choice as a portable collection tool that is also capable of capturing GPS, Job Photos, Voice notes and other rich field data.


 men andarrow-rightANDROID OS:Android mobile devices are turned into productive collection tools to better track remote field operations. Virtually any Android phones or tablets are a great choice as a portable collection tool that is also capable of capturing GPS, Job Photos, Voice notes and other rich field data.


men_winarrow-rightWINDOWS OS: The AboutTime TOUCHCENTER application runs on windows OS devices and is a great option for those wanting more screen real-estate and biometrics authentication. Many of our customers utilize the TouchCenter application as a kiosk in stationary work enviromments or larger projects with a common entrance. Some customers also run the TouchCenter and biometrics on mobile netbooks that are portable with the supervisors in the field. 


eartharrow-rightWEB CLOCK: The AboutTime WebClock allows both your mobile and stationary workforce to input time from any available web browser, it is another tool to capture and review time and attendance from anywhere and any device that your employees have internet service. 

Unlimited Devices:

With AboutTime you don't have to pay for a software license on each device and you don't have to standardize on one platform or even one type of device, you have many options to accomodate your mobile and stationary workforce. In some cases for certain crews netbooks or laptops make sense, in other cases smartphones or tablets make more sense. This broad and flexible offering allows our clients to utilize the majority of the most popular existing devices within their organizations to better track labor, projects and assets.


Features and workflow:

Different platforms, operating systems and devices allow users to take advantage of different AboutTime system features. I.E. If GPS time stamps are important to your organization, go with Apple or Android Mobile devices with GPS capabilities. If mobile biometrics is critical, the TouchCenter application runs on any Windows laptop or netbook. If it's important to have small, mobile, portable devices then virtually any apple or android smartphones would be ideal. If your field supervisors have laptops or netbooks and screen real estate is important then the TouchCenter application would be the optimal choice.


Mobile Platforms