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Stream data to and from the field as employees clock IN, clock OUT or change tasks. Handwritten field reports, daily logs, time sheets and spreadsheets are being replaced by more effective employee Time Tracking and Project Management solutions. In today's increasingly competitive environment you need a full blown construction project management solution. If it can move data in REAL-TIME, you're a step ahead. AboutTime specializes in connecting dynamic organizations (over 900 enterprise organizations) from top to bottom through innovative software technology.


Construction Labor ManagementLabor Management | Construction Labor Management

Tracking labor and units used accurately is critical to the bottom line. With·AboutTime's mobile platform options, you can capture accurate time and attendance with devices you already have and use every day. In addition to having the widest selection of mobile platforms, AboutTime's user-friendly mobile time clock applications have been carefully designed to minimize time and effort needed by workers in the field.


  • Software-driven solution on all widely used mobile platforms.
  • Eliminates the inaccuracies of traditional timesheets and daily logs.
  • Mobile time clocks with GPS tracking, GEO Fencing and Biometric Authentication options.


Construction Project ManagementProject Management | Construction Project Management

Project managment is streamlined through real-time transfer of information. Manage remote construction projects, job site progress and production as it happens instead of managing what happened weeks after the fact. By connecting field to office operations digitally, data analytics transfer in seconds allowing supervisors to measure then manage performance and project profitability instead of spending endless hours pushing paper.

  • Instant project management visibility with proprietary real-time graphical dashboards.
  • See accurate field data, job photos, field text notes, field voice notes, employee feedback.
  • Reporting data on projects with percent complete, over/under budget for labor and units.
  • Cost-Code budgeting updates to and from the supervisors device in the field.


Manage Tools and EquipmentAsset Management | Equipment Tracking | Tool Assignment

Do you know where your tools are? What about your equipment? Who is assigned to what? AboutTime can help you easily track, record and document equipment metrics in the field such as equipment use, location, hours, mileage notes and more, you can also assign tools or equipment to supervisors and/or projects.

  • Track equipment or tools used on a project.
  • Efficient for billing tool and equipment use.
  • Assign equipment or tools per supervisor.
  • Capture equipment time with employee time.


Accounting Integration  AboutTime works with your accounting system!