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AboutTime Frequently Asked Questions


What mobile devices can I use?

AboutTime offers native apps designed for iOS and Android mobile devices. The iOS and Android apps allow your workforce to capture data even when completely disconnected. For those members of your workforce who prefer a tablet PC or laptop powered by Windows, an application for mobile time and entry has also been developed for them. With any internet connected browser, office staff can enter time through the AboutTime Web Clock.

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No. iOS and Android devices with or without a wireless data plan can be utilized with AboutTime. iOS and Android devices without a wireless data plan can sync to AboutTime through a Wi-Fi connection.

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The cost of the AboutTime system is based upon the number of employees that will be tracked in the software.

AboutTime has integrated with well over 100 third party business systems. Many of these systems let us map directly to their data creating a live connection and eliminating duplicate entries.

AboutTime is a perpetual license software system that includes the AboutTime Control Center, access to all AboutTime mobile apps, system installation and training, and first year of annual support and maintenance and product updates.

Live support hours are Monday through Friday from 7am to 5pm Mountain Time. During those hours you will get unlimited phone, chat and email support. Customers can also access valuable support and training materials in AboutTime Training Center. It is available to all customers 24/7/365.

Whether you are self-learner or need a guided implementation, AboutTime has a plan for you. Our expert implementation team will work with you to put a program that fits your company and ensures success.

The AboutTime technical team will conduct a “technical audit” of your company's accounting process, workflow, and existing processes. This will include reviewing how you collect, manage, and approve data that is collected from the field. They will then work through the ways that AboutTime can improve, streamline, and even eliminate any unnecessary steps. Once that step is completed, the technical environment and hardware requirements will be established and confirmed. A detailed plan and schedule will be put in place for installation, product configuration, accounting and payroll integration and product training.

The AboutTime enterprise solution is an on-premise software solution, WorkMax is a cloud-based, web solution. AboutTime is all-inclusive, WorkMax is a platform of modules. AboutTime's licensing is for perpetual user licenses, WorkMax licensing is subscription or SaaS user licenses.


Yes. One of AboutTime’s many strengths is the flexible configurability of overtime rules. We have many Union companies who have chosen AboutTime specifically because of our advanced overtime calculation capabilities.

AboutTime is far more than just time and labor. FormsXpress is a tool to create customized electronic forms to collect your important field information formerly collected on paper forms. Customers can also track equipment time, production units, mobile notes (digital text or audio) and photos (automatically organized by site/location/job). Site weather conditions are automatically collected. Productivity vs. budgets accruals for time and production units are automatically sent to the field for review. GPS location stamps, GEO-fence alerts are automatically generated when an employee clocks in or out on a device. The power and flexibility of AboutTime doesn’t limit your data collect options, it puts you in control of collecting what is important to you.

AboutTime allows for multiple time and labor tracking workflows: 1. REAL-TIME: Employees can “Clock IN and Out” in real-time throughout their workday (supervisors can also clock in others). 2. ALLOCATE: Employees can "Clock IN" at the beginning of their shift then "OUT" at the end of their shift to capture accurate time worked. Then supervisors can break up or "ALLOCATE" the shifts into tasks codes after. 3. DIGITAL TIME: Record time and labor worked at any time, after-the-fact (digital time sheet). All of the AboutTime workflows can be done by individual employees or supervisors and all can require sign-offs. Real-time labor tracking can even occur across different mobile devices (IN on one, OUT on another). You can mix and match different time capture workflows/methods throughout your workforce. CLICK HERE to learn more about supported workflows.

AboutTime offers four (4) levels of sign-off, two of which can be done by employees and managers in the field and on the go, complete with a digital signature (with date and time) right on the mobile device in the field. Two additional are available in the ControlCenter in the office prior to closing out time records.

Yes, GPS coordinates are captured in AboutTime on each “Clock IN”, “Clock OUT” and "TASK CHANGE" punch on Apple or Android devices. These coordinates are sent back to the office with each time punch. The GPS information is collected in the AboutTime ControlCenter where the job location information is stored. GPS information is displayed on a map for you to review at any time. A virtual fence (Geo-fence) can be created around the location address. GPS stamps are compared with the address and the Geo-fence as they are collected in the AboutTime Control Center. If there is a discrepancy, a visual alert is flagged on the time records and an automated email can be sent out to the appropriate people within your organization to be notified.

Your accounting or ERP system is the "Master" and AboutTime pulls data/information into AboutTime through a direct database connection with your accounting software. This eliminates data entry duplication and the potential loss of data integrity.

Production unit feedback can be automatically requested when employees log out of or change any cost code, task, or equipment. Immediate entry of units completed ensures that the data is accurate. Should you need to enter production units at the end of the day, an option is available for that as well. AboutTime then automatically compares actuals to budgeted units and delivers virtual real-time results to the office and back to the money-makers in the field. Supervisors in the field will always know how they are doing at all times.

Yes, AboutTime has unique shift capabilities (Day, Evening, Night) as well as “shift extensions” that will insure that the shift total is credited towards the desired pay period based on your company rules.

AboutTime has the ability to only display jobs and tasks/cost codes that an employee needs to see. This unique feature in AboutTime helps ensure that the correct jobs and tasks/cost codes are being used when entering time.


    AboutTime is development partners with today's premier accounting systems and has developed LIVE integration to work with the best-of-breed solutions.


    Today's businesses rely on AboutTime to manage their most valuable resources... their people, their things and their mobile business.


    AboutTime has been innovating mobile resource management solutions since 2003.
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