AboutTime Technologies is now WorkMax. Visit us at workmax.com.


Introducing WorkMax Logo  by  AboutTime Time Tracking


WorkMax is our new fully web-based resource management platform of AboutTime Technologies, LLC. WorkMax is designed to serve customers that prefer a modular, web-based mobile resource management solution. A top-notch team of professional designers, engineers and industry professionals with vast experience in mobile resource management have worked through all the little details, ensuring all modules are intuitive, simple and consistent. The end result is a powerful and user-friendly web based resource management platform.  

Our mission is to help your team manage labor, assets, forms and company resources as simply as possible. The workforce management market today is filled with unnecessary layers of complexity and costly implementations. AboutTime is known as being the best of breed on-premise resource management solution, WorkMax is our new best of breed web-based platform. 

WorkMax Logo

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