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Project Management Software for Constructionrequest_info_a

See labor and unit budgets vs. actuals as it happens.

Project management information is captured in the field as employees and supervisors clock IN and OUT, accurate labor costs, units, equipment, job and project management data is virtually automatic. The data can be sent immediately and automatically with Auto-Send. Cutting edge AboutTime solutions like gps time clocks, biometric time clocks and the ability to run on virtually any mobile device turns your Android, Apple, BlackBerry, and Windows devices into powerful mobile time clocks.

Field workers can also capture job photos, field notes, production, unit tracking, performance, budgets VS actuals with mobile devices you already have and use every day because AboutTime runs on Apple, Android, BlackBerry and Windows OS devices.

Where are you spending the most labor? Are your project labor estimates under or over budget today?



Job Cost Budgeting

Instant. Accurate. Painless... Take true job costing and cost code budgeting to a whole new level with real-time updates to and from the office as a project is being worked on. Seeing where projects are as it happens in real-time gives our clients complete visibility and control of true job cots, labor budgets and performance. Simply set budgeted man hours and units per cost code and per job in the AboutTime ControlCenter, then as employees in the field clock IN and OUT, man hours and units accrued are automatically calculated against budgets.


Real-Time in the Office AND in the Field... Not only can budgets be monitored in real-time in the office, AboutTime sends instant real-time job progress summaries back to the mobile devices in the supervisors hands in the field. This is INCREDIBLY powerful... many clients purchase AboutTime for this project management solution alone!


Instant Visibility for Supervisors... Instant real-time reporting allows for efficient management, opposed to waiting days (or weeks) for field data to be manually entered into your accounting system. Now project managers, foreman and site supervisors know at all times (in real-time as it happens) how they are performing on the project.






Site Documentation

Record Job Progress with Instant Field Photos... Field employees can quickly snap job photos directly from the AboutTime application on their mobile device! AboutTime's job photos are completely integrated. With the press of a button the photo is sent to the ControlCenter in your office automatically attached to the job site, complete with whom took the photo, date, time and notes attached. AboutTime job photos can be exported, emailed, printed or saved to the job in the AboutTime ControlCenter for documentation of progress.


Document Anything in the Field... Take photos of anything on the job that needs to be documented, right from within the AboutTime application. AboutTime clients use this powerful tool to record progress, incidents, accidents, inspections and more. If a field employee has a question on a piece of equipment or on the job itself, they can quickly snap a photo, attach a note and sync it to the ControlCenter in the office, from there they can hop on the phone and troubleshoot the situation with help from their supervisor looking at the photo just taken.


Job Notes and Voice Notes... Mobile employees can easily attach a text note or record a voice note to any job with AboutTime's integrated field notes. Notes are automatically attached to the job they are working on complete with who left the note and date/time stamp. Another great way to document, manage projects and connect the field to the office.


Real-Time Dashboards Decision-makers need a windshield... not a rear-view mirror.

Real-Time Project Management DashboardsExpose Trends Quicker... FIELD DATA STREAMS into your office in REAL-TIME! Project managers can see what is really happening in the field as its happening. With this information you can expose trends quicker and make decisions with current and accurate data.

Mitigate Loss... Companies using spreadsheets or pencil and paper to track field operations don't usually know they are losing money until the job has progressed too far, with AboutTime you can instantly manage labor costs, % complete, and job progress. 

No Waiting on Data-Entry... AboutTime shows you whats happening with your mobile workforce and remote projects as its happening. If you are tracking labor and projects with paper, the data is delayed at least a week (minimum), then in most cases project managers have to wait for office admin to manually enter data into accounting BEFORE project managers can get to reports. With AboutTime the information is neatly organized in the ControlCenter, available to your managers and supervisors immediately.