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On-Demand Productivity and VisibilityRequestInfo 1

See actuals vs. budgets... as it happens. 

Icon Productivity 1GAboutTime's on-demand productivity shows current and accurate project progress, performance and productivity as it is captured in the field every day. When employees clock IN and OUT accurate man hours, units and productivity data is virtually automatic and the results stream into the office with AboutTime's Auto-Send feature. Mobile workers can easily capture Job photos, field notes, budgets vs. actuals with mobile devices on the go. 


Are your projects under or over budget as of right now?


Streaming metrics show current and accurate man hours and units used per task, per project.  


Gain complete visibility over current job costs, project state and workforce performance. 


Office staff and field supervisors know exactly where their projects are at all times.


Knowing sooner minimizes risk and helps make critical decisions before cost over-runs occur.


Instant visibility is virtually automatic with AboutTime.

You can simply set up budgeted (estimated) man hours and units per cost code and per project in the ControlCenter, then the system does the rest. As employees in the field clock IN and OUT, accrued man hours and units are automatically calculated against budgets and can be shared to dashboards and reports amongst your team.

 On-Demand Productivity Graphic 2

Complete synergy between field and office staff.

Not only can budgets be monitored in real-time from the ControlCenter in your office, AboutTime sends job progress summaries back out to the mobile devices in the supervisors hands in the field. This up to date, current information is incredibly powerful for supervisors, project managers and controllers. Your team will have up to date, accurate numbers... opposed to waiting days (or weeks) for traditional field data to be collected, then transferred to your office, then manually keyed into your ERP, job costing or accounting solution. Now project managers and supervisors know at all times (in real-time as it happens) how they are performing on the project.




See Productivity. Expose trends quicker. Mitigate loss.


Productivity data is automatically captured and compared to budgets.


Accurate labor and units used is current, supervisors make better decisions quicker.


Know if you are approaching budgets, react quicker to avoid losses before its too late.


See what is happening with your mobile workforce and projects as its happening.


Document projects accurately with rich data:


Snap job photos from within AboutTime in the field, sync to the office in seconds.


Easily attach a text or audio note to any job to better document field notes. 


Notes, photos, GPS and other rich data help your workforce protect the company.


Photos, notes and records are historically attached by job and retained in AboutTime.


Immediate information will revolutionize your business.

Field data streams into your office in REAL-TIME! Project managers see what is really happening in the field as its happening. With this information you can expose trends quicker and make decisions with current and accurate data.

Companies using spreadsheets or pencil and paper to track field operations don't usually know they are losing money until the job has progressed too far, with AboutTime you can instantly manage labor costs, % complete, and job progress. 

If you are tracking labor and projects with paper, the data is delayed at least a week (minimum), then in most cases project managers have to wait for office admin to manually enter data into accounting BEFORE project managers can get to reports. With AboutTime the information is neatly organized in the ControlCenter, available to your managers and supervisors immediately.