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Skip the clipboard and capture field forms digitally.


FormsEmployees enter form information into their mobile devices in the field and immediately send it back to the office. Imagine the time savings achieved by using your iPad, iPhone, Android, Tablet or Laptop Computer to capture and transfer field forms! Collect data offline if you wish and sync up when you get connected.  With FormsXPress your business will receive accurate and legible digital forms from the field any time you want. Your workforce can easily capture inspection forms, materials checklists, new employee application, accident reports, change orders, work orders, or limitless other form possibilities that your business requires right on their mobile device.

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Available on Apple, Android and Windows platforms.  


Associate forms to employees, locations or tasks. 


Save, document and organize historical forms. 


Capture GPS, signatures, photos, video and more.


Fill out forms while disconnected, sync forms on demand.



No more paper forms, faxing or manual data entry.

Digitize any field form including safety forms, compliance, change orders, inspections, materials deliveries, service tickets, work orders, and more. The field forms are sent in seconds from the field back to your business office wirelessly! Build and customize your forms and deploy them to the appropriate specific employees in the field.  Once populated with the appropriate information, a simple sync sends the completed form into your office.  In addition to collecting simple text and numerical input, FormsXPress allows you to go far beyond the limitations of paper by capturing rich content to your digital forms such as pictures, video, audio, GPS location stamps and even hand-signed digital signatures collected right there on the mobile device.


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All your forms - documented and organized.

All of the data collected is neatly organized and directly associated with the appropriate Employee, Job, Project, Phase, Location, Task, Cost Code, Work Order, or Equipment/Asset within your AboutTime System. Stop using clipboards, spreadsheets and paper forms for good! Call AboutTime to see how your business can leverage FormsXPress by AboutTime to streamline, and ELIMINATE costly, inefficient, and annoying PAPER documents from your field operations ONCE AND FOR ALL!


Download the FormsXPress spec sheet.






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