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Streamline payroll with true accounting integration:request_info_a


Eliminating paper drastically improves accuracy, efficiency and profitability in businesses with mobile employees and remote projects. It's not the cost of the actual paper that cripples a business, it's the cost of the inefficient processes with using paper. AboutTime works with four basic steps shown in the graphic below. The first step is collecting accurate data in the field on mobile devices (mobile time clocks). The second step is transferring electronic data to and from your office wirelessly. The third step takes place in the AboutTime ControlCenter where you can manage, edit and approve time and attendance as it streams into the system. The final step is true accounting integration. With over 100 integration partners, AboutTime is #1 in third party integration.


Office_Admin_1Automate your payroll process, eliminate paper pushing and increase accuracy in your mobile workforce by reviewing, editing and approving time and attendance in the AboutTime ControlCenter.┬ĚThis enterprise software is where all of the AboutTime components interact seamlessly to provide the ultimate business management tool. View, access, and manage data, edit time records, view and print reports and export accurate data to your accounting sytem.


Data collected from the mobile time clocks is neatly organized in the ControlCenter. True multi-user functionality includes a suite of custom user-specific privileges to control access for upper management, payroll clerks, and owners. Project managers can review and edit records for projects they manage. Multiple payroll clerks can manage time and attendance records simultaneously. Upper management can access the control center to gain complete visibility of labor, job production, equipment and project management data at any time.






Designed and built from years of research and real-world experience in the industry, the AboutTime ControlCenter makes managing a mobile workforce efficient and automated. The ControlCenter has the features you need to accurately and easily manage time and attendance of your mobile workforce such as integrated GPS maps that show location concurrent to time and attendance, paycode groups, dynamic overtime rules and customizable settings, restrictions of tasks per job or project, dozens of detailed reports, infinite levels of jobs, cost codes, equipment tracking, cost code restrictions per job and even per employee.


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