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Simple in the Field... Powerful in the office!request_info_a

5secondsTwo of AboutTime's founders were contractors, with construction businesses, with guys on the ground and in the trenches. AboutTime's core philosophy is "Simple in the Field... Powerful in the Office". We understand that the mobile field clocks or mobile applications needed to be an efficient tool for your mobile workforce. 


Each company with remote projects and mobile workers operates slightly different. AboutTime is flexible enough to meet your needs, while walking the fine line of keeping it simple enough for your field workers to quickly and accurately capture critical field data. AboutTime understands the dynamic nature of tracking mobile employees and remote job sites, the system can be configured in many different ways from drop-dead simple to dynamic and sophisticated.



"My site supervisors clock in an entire crew in 5 seconds."

AboutTime mobile applications are completely "menu-driven" and the amount of "buttons" an employee pushes to get clocked in is dependent on the company's data tracking needs and desired workflow. It can be as easy as shown below and take less than 5 seconds start to finish.



"We capture time on 1500 employees with AboutTime biometrics."

All of AboutTime's mobile applications are designed with a consistently simple look and feel (menu-driven, user-friendly, large buttons) regardless of whether you are running smartphones or laptops in the field. Our TouchCenter (netbooks, laptops, desktops) can also be configured for each employee to clock themselves in (shown below with biometrics) or the site supervisor can clock in an entire crew in one shot. Both methods help track field operations accurately and are quick and painless for your money-makers in the field.   




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