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AboutTime integrates with many third party systems:

AboutTime ensures accurate data by integrating only active items such as active employees, jobs and costs codes, and available equipment inventory. AboutTime is the best in the industry when it comes to true accounting integration. Review, edit and sign off on records in AboutTime and when it's time to do payroll you simply export a file to your accounting system. The payroll process becomes efficient and automated when you feed accurate field data directly into your accounting system with AboutTime's streamlined integration.


LIVE Accounting Integration

AboutTime is development partners with many of today's premier accounting systems and has developed LIVE integration to work directly with the "best-of-breed" accounting systems. This "LIVE" integration from your accounting system to AboutTime provides the ultimate in convenience, efficiency and automation by pulling directly into AboutTime automatically. This streamlines operations by eliminating manual data entry while also reducing the overhead of maintaining data integrity within two systems.



CSV Accounting Integration

AboutTime's CSV Payroll XPress module allows you to import jobs, employees, cost codes / tasks and equipment into the AboutTime ControlCenter. AboutTime's integration module is designed to facilitate data imports from virtually any accounting system. 

Review, edit and sign off on time records throughout the week or at the end of the week as data streams in from the field, then when it's time for payroll you simply export accurate time and attendance and import it right into your accounting software. With Payroll XPress, sending a CSV file to accounting takes mere seconds and is typically done once per week.


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