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AboutTime's enterprise time tracking software transforms popular mobile devices into flexible employee time clocks to help meet the needs of organizations wanting to accurately track activity in the field. AboutTime understands the dynamic nature of tracking mobile employees and remote job sites. Providing a flexible solution and allowing your workers to quickly and accurately track data in the field is our specialty.

Unlimited tiers or levels of menu-driven options can be organized in a "tree structure". The examples below show a client workflow using 5 levels and another one using 3 levels... employees in the field simply push buttons of limited choice in this menu-driven workflow. This can be done at both the "job" level and at the task, or cost code level. This allows workers in the field to quickly drill down and select from valid options, eliminating mistakes and saving everyone time.



Employee Specific Privileges: Customize mobile device privileges per employee. AboutTime allows an enormous amount of flexibility in the way you track mobile employee's time and attendance, allowing you to turn on and off custom settings based on each employee. You may want some employees to clock themselves in individually. On other projects it might make more sense to have the supervisor clock in an entire crew at once.

Restrict Data based on Workflow: AboutTime is the only solution that allows for sophisticated data segregation and customization for dynamic workflows. In short this allows mid to large organizations to track thousands of jobs, cost codes and employees in a simple and controlled manner. Restrictions are managed in the AboutTime ControlCenter in your office, field employees are then limited to pre-determined choices based on the skill-set of the employee, the job they are working on and/or the work to be performed.

Restrict tasks per Job: Your company might track 500 tasks, but on this job you only bid 20. You can restrict the job to those 20 and as employees clock in on that job only the 20 relevant are displayed.

Restrict employees per mobile time clock: AboutTime offers unlimited Job-Jumping but if you wanted to control and restrict the ability for a group of employees to clock in on a certain device you can do that.

Restrict employees per Job: AboutTime offers unlimited Job-Jumping but if you wanted to control and restrict the ability for a group of employees to clock in on a certain job you can do that.

Tasks or cost codes can be restricted per employee: Your company may track 500 tasks, but this particular employee is only allowed to perform a handful. When the employee enters their pin code they will be restricted to choosing one of a few they are allowed to do.



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