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AboutTime's GPS module captures employee location when it matters... every time they touch the mobile time clock. This passive GPS solution has many advantages over an active system. Battery life on mobile devices is conserved while you get the best of both worlds... accurate GPS location stamps as employees clock IN, OUT or change cost codes on mobile devices in the field.


Another advantage is that the location of the employee is displayed with the employee's IN and OUT time stamps complete with the job location and the employee's location in relation to the job. This powerful and convenient view allows you to immediately see who was where as you approve time in the AboutTime ControlCenter without having to cross reference GPS locations with time stamps.... you can see it all in one screen and one view.



AboutTime automatically plots remote jobs on integrated maps and uses GPS technology built in mobile device smartphones such as Android, Apple and BlackBerry to capture location with the employee time stamps as employees clock in, clock out or change cost codes. You can see in the ControlCenter map above that Steve Jones IN and OUT locations are pinpointed on the map in relation to the geo-fence set for the actual jobsite. 

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