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Who's who? Now you know.

The AboutTime TouchCenter is capable of operating as a biometric time clock or fingerprint recogntion time clock, offering secure employee verification and convenience to employees in the field and office. No need for employees to remember PIN codes or hardware like swipe cards or key fobs. AboutTime's biometric time clock & attendance tracking system replaces time sheets used to track mobile and stationary employees time and attendance.

Secure Verification

Eliminates Buddy Punching

Convenient for Employees


AboutTime clients use the TouchCenter in supervisors pickup trucks, mobile job trailers, fabrication shops and office environments. The TouchCenter is extremely convenient for workers because they don't have to remember swipe cards, badges or key fobs... all they need is THEIR finger. Employees authenticate with THEIR fingerprint then they simply clock in. It gives employers a powerful biometric time tracking enhancement to our TouchCenter application at an affordable price point. AboutTime's biometric module can run on existing windows laptops, netbooks or PCs reducing upfront hardware costs for employers looking to track time and attendance and verify who's who with fingerprint recognition.

Buddy Punching Costs a Business BIG Money

If "buddy punching", or employees entering time and labor data for each other, is a problem in your company, you’re not alone. Nucleus Research, found that 74 percent of businesses experience payroll losses directly related to buddy punching. Nucleus found that organizations can save 2.2 percent of gross payroll annually on average by eliminating buddy punching through the use of innovative biometric technology.



Verifi P5000

Capacitive resolution: 508 DPI image size: 208x288 pixels colors: 256 levels grayscale connection: USB 2.0 supported OS: Windows Vista/XP/2000


Capacitive Biometric readers have proven to work very well with the AboutTime time and attendance system. AboutTime can provide the fingerprint readers inclusive with your software system. Please consult your AboutTime rep to explore the best option for your specific needs.

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