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AboutTime's proprietary auto-send technology allows your remote data to actually stream from the field to your office as it happens! When employees clock IN, clock OUT or change cost codes the time record is immediately pushed to your office.

Auto-Send can be turned on or off per mobile device and per employee time clock. When turned on time and attendance (including GPS stamps) and field data automatically flows from the device in the field to the ControlCenter in your office. Auto-Send is meant to provide the office with up to the minute real-time visibility of mobile operations and remote projects. The differences between Auto-Send and a full synchronization are:



Auto-Send transfers to the office:

  • Employee In or OUT Time Stamp
  • GPS Coordinate (if applicable)
  • Project/Job/Site tied to time stamp
  • Cost Code/Task tied to time stamp
  • Equipment and Units (if applicable)

Full Sync transfers everything above PLUS:

  • Pulls updated data FROM the office
  • Field notes, voice notes, text notes to the office
  • Sends Employee Feedback Q&A to the office
  • Updated Job Cost Budgets to and from office
  • Sends Job Photos to the office
  • Sends Field Approvals to the office

Take a look at your process to track time, attendance and production of your mobile employees and remote projects. Writing it down after the fact is inaccurate, spreadsheets create a lot of field data input and office data entry and aren't easy for employees in the field. Labor costs are one of your company's largest variable expenses. AboutTime helps collect accurate time worked, then feeds your accounting system accurate time and attendance data.

In today's increasingly competitive environment AboutTime helps track labor, projects and assets in the field. Our solutions can move data in REAL-TIME, giving you the complete visibility and putting your decision makers a step ahead. AboutTime specializes in connecting dynamic organizations from top to bottom through innovative software technology.

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