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AboutTime is leading the industry in mobile time clock apps and mobile device options. The system is designed to be software-driven so you won't be locked into a proprietary piece of hardware. This offers numerous strategic advantages to our clients. First it means you won't invest in a system of hardware that will be outdated in a year or two, it also means that AboutTime offers mobile applications that run on the four largest mobile device operating systems in the world. In addition to Android, Apple, and BlackBerry, AboutTime offers a powerful Windows O.S. application (the AboutTime TouchCenter) with biometrics authentication options.




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Which device or platform is right for your company?

You don't have to choose one, you can mix and match any of the devices and mobile time clock apps, with AboutTime you don't have to standardize on one platform or even one type of device. In some cases for certain crews netbooks or laptops make sense, in other cases smartphones make more sense. This broad and flexible offering allows our clients to utilize the majority of the most popular existing devices within their organizations to better track labor, projects and assets.


Different platforms, operating systems and devices allow users to take advantage of different AboutTime system features. I.E. If GPS time stamps are important to your organization, go with Apple, Android or BlackBerry Mobile devices with GPS capabilities. If mobile biometrics is critical, the TouchCenter application runs on any Windows laptop or netbook. If it's important to have small, mobile, portable devices then any of the "Big 4" smartphones would be ideal. If your field supervisors have laptops or netbooks and screen real estate is important then the TouchCenter application would be the optimal choice. 

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